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Hello, my name is Wendy I am from Sheffield UK. I have 5 wonderful children and 6 fabulous grandchildren, busy? Who me? Definitely!! I have been following a few artists online and have become interested in Polymer clay art. I need lots of practice to be half as good as they are but it is fun and I enjoy it.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Humpty is finished

Made from Fimo puppen and painted with genesis heat set paints and also acrylics. He has real fabric plasters on his head.


  1. I can't see any mistakes. He is absolutely fabulous!!

  2. Thank you Janice that is very kind, I really enjoyed making him. Maybe small is my forte! I am going to make him a little wall to sit on as he isnt doing much right now. :O)

  3. He is absolutely gorgeous. His face has character. Nice work!

  4. He wonderful I just love him, great job